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Forklift Masts for Pallet Stackers

Pallet stackers are a style of pallet jack that might be utilized to stack, transport and lift cargo positioned on a pallet that are far too burdensome for physical lifting. Primarily these mechanisms are used to load and unload cargo from trucks and to transport pallets from one site to another within a stockroom of storage space. On the whole pallet stackers are constructed of heavy duty materials to endure tremendous weights. Pallet stackers are sometimes referred to as pallet jacks. They can be operated from a seated, upright or walk-behind position. Pallet stackers are divided into manual and powered varieties.

Pallet stackers are normally comprised of a set of forks that are able to slide under a pallet, capable of lifting to a preferred height or transporting it to a specific location. The engine compartment or casing houses the gas-run, electronic or hydraulic apparatus that powers the machine.

Normally, pallet jacks come in walk-behind models that are hand-powered. This means that they are moved by pushing and pulling the stacker into its desired location, while raising the heavy pallets will be operated hydraulically making this chore much easier. Utilizing a foot pedal or lever raises the stacker's forks. Squeezing a handle or trigger returns the forks to the ground. These types of pallet jacks are ideal for lighter loads of up to approximately 1 ton or 907.18 kg.

Most stackers may accommodate the lifting of heavy weights to around 5 tons with either the gas or electric machines. They are physically less demanding to work than the manual versions due to the hydraulic power that hoists and lowers the forks. These versions are steered by turning the handle in a specific direction. There is a button on the knob that functions to raise and lower the forks. A throttle set up on the stacker's grips moves the appliance forward and in reverse. This style of equipment is commonly known as a forklift and is used from a sit-down posture.

Selecting the correct model of pallet jack may be quite important as designs will have varying lift features, along with varying fork widths. Some models of stackers might only allow two pallets to be loaded at one time, whilst other versions may be proficient to load many pallets. Some types of these forklifts feature an changeable fork so as to allow the stacker to slide under pallets of unusual sizes and shapes. Several fork models may be fairly successful when different types of pallets are being used in the same stockroom.

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